Word Vomit Wednesday - "I'm Embarrassed" A Poem by KT

I’m embarrassed

It’s not me, it’s definitely him

There’s no “both sides” to this thing

Honestly, I don’t give a fuck if that pisses people off either

        I didn’t even choose him anyway and he still gets to represent me to the rest of the world


It’s embarrassing.

                 He can barely string a coherent sentence together

                                                           He’s ruined one of my favorite Elton John songs for me

Like, I won’t be able to listen to that song and not think about him and the apocalypse he’s promised to bring to the world



You know who else is embarrassing?

His supporters

Ya’ll are embarrassing

And basic

And boring


Dear NYT, WaPo, The AP and basically any other journalistic source,

Stop doing pieces about what his supporters were thinking and feeling


I could read a thinkpiece from 1930s Germany and it would say the same thing

I could read a thinkpiece from the 50s or 60s in this country and it would say the same thing

Nothing these people say is interesting

How about a story about how the black communities in Charlottesville feel and how they navigate their lives and what they need?

How about speaking to undocumented people about their stories? How they came here, why, what they’ve been through, what they need.

How about promoting the voices of experts in authoritarian regimes, community organizers, and education and peace movements?

How about including indigenous people in the conversations because, I don’t know, this was their country first and for some reason we treat them like shit?

How about that?


So embarrassing.


                        Stephen Colbert, James Cordon, Jimmy Fallon

                                                                           You really give zero fucks

                                                                                  Did you get those laughs? Did they feel good?

At least we’re all used to being embarrassed by straight white men by now, right?

                                                              Such disappointments

Not to mention dangerous. Normalizing the American equivalent of Goebbels on national television

                                                                             The moment I think the bar can’t get any lower

                                  I think, at this point, we’ve surpassed all of Dante’s rings of Hell

               Who knows where the fuck we are now

Lucifer’s looking down on us thinking his icy cage isn’t so bad after all and musing about what kind of fucked up shit we all did to get here

Now, I’m no authority on Hell by any means

But, are we allowed to make requests down here?

I would like to request a rooming assignment switch so I don’t have to be in the same circle as the dumb-ass politicians who think that giving Trumpcare an even dumber name will be enough to try and trick people into not finding out that the bill is actually Trumpcare because they are evil, vile, embarrassing people

I will pay extra. Thx Satan


Should I be embarrassed that when I now hear the song “Rocket Man”

                                                      I fantasize about 45 and Kim Jong Un peeing on each other?


I don’t endorse white supremacy, start pissing matches with dictators with nuclear weapons, assault people, incite violence…

so, nah.


Katie Louchheim is thinking about everyone impacted by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, Mexico and LA, and to everyone still suffering in the aftermaths of Harvey and Irma.