One Year Anniversary

Today is a milestone for me. Today is the one year anniversary of a new beginning. Of me escaping horrible trauma after horrible trauma in such a condensed period of time. It is the anniversary of being dragged into unimaginable depths and rebuilding from scratch. Rebuilding every single aspect of my life and of my being. It is the anniversary of my promise to myself to never, EVER settle. To live the life I want, and more importantly, that I deserve. A year ago I was surviving and today I'm thriving. A year ago, my life was full of pain, anger, humiliation, and an unendurable amount of stress. Today, I'm filled with hope, vulnerability, and real love. 

There is something almost magical about the human spirit. It can be thoroughly crushed until barely recognizable, but it can never be destroyed. We are so much stronger and more amazing than we give ourselves credit for. If you can, and I believe you can, make the commitment to yourself to be good to yourself. 

To believe in yourself.

To love yourself.

No one has the right to take your agency away from you. You are special and you deserve better.

Love Always. KT